The internet is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in living history and reenactment. The following is a list of useful links and sites; about us, Regia Anglorum, Living History and traders.

Please note that the inclusion of traders in this list does not guarantee that any, or all or the items these traders have for sale are suitable for use within the society, or that the service will be prompt or reliable.

If you wish to purchase specific items from these suppliers for use within the society then please discuss with the group authenticity officer or group MaA to make sure that they are suitable.

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National Regia Anglorum

We are part of Regia Anglorum; the premier society in Britain (and across the world) that recreates the period from the Viking raids to First Baron's War.

Local Regia Anglorum groups

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Places of Interest

Bede's World

Bede's World - Museum and reconstructed Anglo-Saxon farm. We have been heavily involved in events here over the years.


The following is a selection of the traders and suppliers we use and/or have used.

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