*The living history encampment at Bamburgh 2014.
The living history encampment at Bamburgh 2014.

Have you seen us at a show or read about what we do here and feel that this might be for you. Do you want to fight with your shield brothers; become an early medieval craftsman; or just find out with first hand experience about the lives of people 1000 years ago. We are always on the lookout for new members.

Training and support is given to new members (both military training for those that wish to take part in combat displays) and also civilian training in basic skills around the LHE. You will have a mentor in the group who will help you when required and if you want to find anything out all you need do is ask any senior members of the group.

For those that wish to rolex replica fight, the society has a training process which allows warriors to take to the field. If you need to know more about this then please ask. Warriors progress through spear and shield onto swords and axes over time. If you have previous experience of reenactment combat then this will be taken into consideration.

We are part of a national society (Regia Anglorum) and joining Saint Cuthbert̡nd means that you are also part of this national society; and can attend any of its楮ts. The society has boats (which regularly sail), a riding team and even a permanent 10th centuryᠨref="" target="_blank">long hall in Kent.

We are a group that has high standards of authenticity; and will encourage all members to follow these standards. Initially we will be able to lend or loan kit and equipment from the old kit box and group shared equipment; however within 3 to 6 months of joining group members are expected to have made (with help) their first set of soft kit; make or buy their own shoes and any warriors have equipped themselves with spear and shield. From there the sky is the limit; some members are satisfied with their basic kit, others progress through replica watches uk large collections of tools, equipment, armour and塰onry.

Please be aware that shows are not always accessible by public transport and kit and equipment can get quite bulky. We may be able to give members to lifts to events, but this is a hobby where a car is useful.

Membership is open to everyone swiss replica watches aged of 18, or over. Saint Cuthbert's Land accept junior members, under the ages of 18, so long as they join as part of a family group. The minimum age for combat is 16.

To find out more pleaseᠨref="contact.html?join=1">contact us.