About us

*Regia Anglorum at the Leeds Armouries.
Regia Anglorum at the Leeds Armouries.

We are a living history and reenactment group based in the North East of England; and specialising in the life and times of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans who lived in and around the area around a 1000 years ago. Our core period of interest is between 950 and 1066; however we often work replica watches uk with events outside that period - from the ages of Bede and Cuthbert (7th century) to the times of the 3rd Crusade (and Richard the Lionheart) and beyond. As well as the groups huscarls, thegns and knights we can muster peasants, artisans, slaves, lords, ladies, a priest or a bishop.

We formed over 20 years ago, as a member group of the national society Regia Anglorum - one of the leading Dark Age/Early Medieval Reenactment Societies in the North East.

Locally we can be found at rolex replica events all over the North East and in the past have worked with Bede's World, Bamburgh Castle, Arbeia Roman Fort, Segedunum Roman Fort, Lindisfarne, the diocese of replica watches Darlington, Durham Markets. Members have been seen on TV for the BBC and ITV; presented lectures on our period of interest; curated museum displays and performed promotional work for international companies.